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Meet Captain Igor and La Flaca

A Passion and love that conquers Lake Como

Skilled and experienced, however it is his love and passion for the magical Lake Como that turns  the magic into reality for guests.

An Unimaginable & Unforgettable Experience

Multi lingual and multi-skilled his renowned as one of the finest and most experienced Captains on the lake for over 20 years.

From Wedding proposals, to Celebrity functions, from summer sunset tours to a winter wonderland tour, Igor translates the quintessential luxury Italian experience.

Prepare yourself for an unimaginable and an unforgettable Lake Como experience, where you won’t only remember the day, but the magic and moments while creating memories.

a captain driving his boat with one arm out the window
A man looking out of his boat
captain Igor in the interior of the boat smiling
dove la magia
diventa realtà
where magic becomes reality

THE History of La FLACA

meticulously crafted in the year 1970

The vessel was meticulously crafted in the year 1970, within the shores of Florida, the United States of America. Bearing the distinguished name of “Coronado,” this exceptional model made its debut at the esteemed Miami Boat Show in 1971 before finding its way to the serene waters of Lake Como.

the epitome of American excellence

Embodied within the shipyard’s emblem is a spirited depiction of a runaway horse, a fitting symbol for a vessel often hailed as the epitome of American excellence.

an aura of timeless elegance

Radiating an aura of timeless elegance, the boat presents a remarkably avant-garde design, surpassing the boundaries of its era. Its hull, expertly constructed with fiberglass, harmoniously complements the deck adorned with an exquisite imitation leather finish.

unwavering dedication to functionality

With unwavering dedication to functionality, this nautical marvel was crafted to gracefully traverse the watery realms, effortlessly navigating 360 degrees, even amidst the capricious downpour. Enhanced with side windows and two roof windows, the vessel offers an environment of unparalleled comfort, sheltering its occupants from the elements.

a luxury Italian boat on a lake